Macondray Hill

Advisors • Consultants • Consiglieri

We stand as steadfast partners to discerning leaders.

We offer confidential, unwavering clarity amidst complexity.  

We help manifest an organization's unique artistry to help unlock its distinct essense

and create enduring alignment of vision, purpose, and action.

We listen, we care, we engage.

We get to the heart of the matter.

The Hard Truths

Leadership is increasingly lonely and isolating

Novelty is easily confused with quality

Stability is a relic of nostalgia

The best don't always win

Alliances are conditional

Scars build character

Perception is reality

Trust is elusive

Life is not always fair

The only way out is through

Capital markets are unforgiving

The cost of inaction is usually regret

The best is yet to come...if we make it so

Kindness costs nothing yet the returns are massive

What you do is likely less important than HOW you do it

Executive Advice & Counsel

We know that leadership can be lonely and isolating, even in the best of times. We are not burdened by the financial conflicted interests of investors and board members or the emotional entanglements of colleagues, friends, or family.

Right now might be the greatest time in world history...if we embrace it with respectful boldness. Leaders are required to be conscientious stewards of people, property, processes...everything. Unique to the current environment is the taxing dilemma of diminished engagement fueled by declining trust among employees, partners, regulators, service providers...seemingly everyone, everywhere.  

We at Macondray Hill have seen numerous market cycles, dislocations and disruptive technologies.  We have guided companies through both massive growth and challenging setbacks, positioned products for break-out launches, led teams on dangerous missions over treacherous, foreign terrain, and helped create environments for enduring growth and renewal.